Students are taught to develop their talents each day.


The Locke School's LEGO Lab is a space where our students hone their engineering skills. Using the Engineering Design Process, they imaginatively address everyday challenges and develop creative solutions. Students develop an in-depth understanding of science and engineering concepts and are encouraged to be collaborative, flexible and curious problem solvers.

Lessons in computer literacy, coding, robotics and the LEGO education curriculum prepare our students to become the creators of the future and 21st century problem solvers.

KIBO Robots are used to bring robotics and coding to our young learners and spark their interest in computer science through visual coding. We use the Engineering is Elementary curriculum with grades 3-5. This fun, flexible, inquiry-based curriculum integrates engineering with science, developing key 21st century skills that will lead to success in school and life.

Visit KIBO and Engineering is Elementary to learn more about these programs.

Visual Arts

This year Locke School students participate in a new Visual Arts program. Students will explore techniques such as collage, print making, and painting.


Visit Ms. Yvonne''s Music Page to find out what's happening in the music room.

The Locke School follows Music in the Brain's comprehensive and engaging music curriculum. Music in the Brain incorporates music literacy, keyboarding, vocal training and exposure to various instruments.

Students in grades Pre-K-2 learn how to read music and play the piano. The Locke School hosts piano recitals for each class at the end of the school year to show off each child's piano skills.

Students in grades 3-5 apply the skills they learned through piano playing and apply them to other instruments, such as drums and Orff xylophones. They dive into the world of composition to create their own songs.

All students have several opportunites to perform during school-wide performances for the community.

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The dance program at The Locke School exposes children to many types of dance from various cultures and genres (tap, ballet, jazz). The dance program takes pride in its base in the National Dance Standards. Our dance and physical education program work closely together to instill physical literacy skills in our students.

Our dance program builds social skills, boost self- confidence, encourages imagination, strengthens bodies, improves mood and memory and gives students the opportunity to express emotions all while participating in a beautiful art form.

Each class at the Locke School has several opportunities to perform at school-wide performances for the community.


Maker aims to empower and educate through hands-on learning: building, creating, tinkering, exploring, and sometimes taking things apart. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to imagine solutions to problems, create objects, design art pieces, plan story boards, build models, program and invent.