Outside of the box?  How about outside of the classroom?! Find out how Pre-K is doing outdoor learning at the Locke School!

3K & Pre-K

Pre-K Students are encouraged to explore and learn through purposeful play. Activities are developmentally appropriate and designed to meet each individual child's interest and curiosity. Pre-K students have access to our enrichment classes including Dance, Music/Piano, Lego Engineering Lab and Maker Space. Students learn how to become citizens of a community as they observe, create, question, negotiate, and develop their language and decision making skills. 

The Locke School has six 3K and Pre-K classrooms (99 seats combined) with large bright windows and direct access to our play yard.  Each is outfitted with child-sized bathrooms, sinks and cubbies.  The classrooms are steps from Central Park and students utilize the green space throughout the year in many of their units.

We hope to see you for a tour to show how teachers are opening hearts and minds as they start students off on their educational journey here at The Locke School. 

Check out our gallery of our Pre-K students in action!

Image of students' published work


Students use their observations of their everyday life and the world around them to create meaningful pieces of writing during Writer's Workshop.  Teachers are supported by consultants from Teacher's College of Reading and Writing Project.  

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Student is showing his math work


Teachers at the Locke School use Investigations 3, a K-5 inquiry-based approach to teaching mathematics.  Students actively explore mathematical ideas to develop understanding and fluency. They collaborate, investigate, and take part in problem-based learning.  Students participate in group Number Talks.  Number talks were developed for classroom teachers to engage students in “mental math” through grappling with interesting mathematics problems.  

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