Important information


Limited seats available for Prekindergarten. Register Now!

Please call Monika, Parent Coordinator at 212-534-7490 ext 1711 for an appointment.

On Thursday, September 5 will be the First Day of School and a Full Day for Kindergarten Students. School Hours: 8:20am - 2:40pm

Uniform Policy

Students come to the Locke School dressed for academic success. Read more about our uniforms on our Uniform Page.

Food Policy

The Locke School promotes healthy food choices. All students are offered balanced meals in the cafeteria. Students are discouraged from bringing candy, soda or other sugary treats to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any sugary snacks will be held and returned by the classroom teacher at the end of the day.

Mobile Device Policy

We understand that some families require their child to travel to school with electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc) for emergency purposes. These devices must remain in your child's backpack during the school day. If a device is taken out during the day, it will be collected and returned at dismissal.

Please understand that we can not be responsible missing or damaged devices.