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School Uniforms for all Students
School Uniform Shirt (Front)
School Uniform Shirt (Back)

Uniform Policy

Every student is required to wear the school uniform. 

Uniforms are an important part of a school's identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps students feel pride in their school. It also prepares students for dress codes in their future careers. 

The school uniform consists of:

-Navy blue shirt with the school logo. Parents have a choice between a single logo or a double logo (front and back) on their Polo.

 -Khaki skorts, skirts, jumpers or slacks.

If you need to purchase the uniform, please click here for the Cookie's website.


Please call Monika Vargas, Parent Coordinator at 212-534-7490 ext 1711, if you need any assistance with purchasing the uniform.